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About Michtrack

The website was founded in the early days of the Internet, 1996, when we had to whittle our own page designs using a sharp knife and a block of wood. It's the outgrowth of the all-time lists I started keeping in the mid-1970s. Along the way, those lists and much of my research has been boosted by some of the legendary figures in our sport in Michigan: Kermit Ambrose, Norb Badar, Duane Raffin, and Chuck Janke. The driving force behind this website is more than just a personal obsession. It is the firmly held belief that we honor our predecessors by taking care of their historical records, and we honor our current athletes and coaches when we strive for accuracy and honesty in reporting their results. Bottom line: when we bend or ignore the rules to call something a record, we are cheating three generations: the athletes of the past who are being robbed of their recognition, the athletes of the present who are being lied to about how good they are, and the athletes of the future, who now have to chase an unfair mark.

As a runner, I was on the mediocre side, having only won a handful of races in my time at Allen Park HS. As a journalist, I've done a bit better. I was the managing editor at Track & Field News a long time ago, and have been writing about track & field ever since then. I've covered six Olympic Games and ten World Championships, and once, in my 15 seconds of fame, I was interviewed by the BBC. I am in the process of returning to full-time writing currently, after having spent the last 14 years as a teacher (English, Shakespeare, Creative Writing). As a coach, I am a better recruiter, with about 9 years experience fielding large (100+) middle school XC teams for Pinckney. As a meet announcer, the most enjoyable day of the year for me is the day of the state finals. For the last three years, I have announced the Division I meet. I have announced--in various capacities--the cross country finals for many years, and I was a longtime announcer of the MITS indoor state finals.

I'm not the only one who has made Michtrack happen. Over the years there have been many, many coaches, athletes, parents, and fans who have helped in a wide variety of ways. There is no way I could begin to list everyone, but I want to give a special thanks to Norm Zylstra, who has helped out recently, but more importantly, made me feel like I am not alone in this quest.--Jeff Hollobaugh

At left, announcing the 2014 state finals at Rockford. At right, spotting for the amazing Duane Raffin during one of the many XC finals at MIS.